Lilly Of The Valley Vivarium

Lilly Of The Valley Vivarium



The central theme of Lily of the Valley Vivarium is the creation of a virtual haven and habitat for frogs. This conceptual design unfolds as a digital sanctuary where the vivarium becomes a dynamic and immersive space. Here, the essence of a lush and vibrant environment is meticulously captured, giving life to a habitat that stands out for its intricate simulation. A distinctive feature of the project is the spotlight on the Lily of the Valley flower, positioned alone within the glass confines of the vivarium. Surrounded by carefully arranged elements such as soil, rocks, and a simulated lake, the delicate beauty of the flower becomes a focal point. This attention to detail not only adds to the visual appeal but also contributes to the creation of a realistic backdrop, providing an ideal environment for the frogs to thrive.

about me

I am a hybrid professional, proficient in both web design and 3D artistry. My expertise extends to crafting captivating online experiences and sculpting cinematic marvels using an array of powerful tools. Among these tools are Unreal Engine 5, Blender, 3ds Max, SpeedTree, and various applications from the Adobe Suite


I always begin with a clear idea or concept for my project. This could be a game environment, an architectural visualization, a cinematic scene, or any other interactive experience. Then, I define the key elements, themes, and goals of my project, considering the mood, atmosphere, and overall user experience I want to convey. Then I start Creating